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At Bikes Pedia we’re passionate about human-powered transport.   

At Bikes Pedia you can find trustworthy advice about biking and hiking.  We want you to get inspired to get outside if you’re just thinking about it and share ideas and experiences if you are already out there!

In our Blog section, we offer helpful tips for both beginners and enthusiasts.  In our Reviews section, we offer reviews on bikes and accessories you may want to consider for your outdoor experience.

We do not get paid through affiliate links (this is why there is advertising on the site) so the information we provide comes from other community members or is well-researched from multiple sources. 

At Bikes Pedia, we want to foster a trustworthy community of bike riders and hikers, so please leave your comments so others can hear what you have to say!

We welcome guest posts so please get in touch if you are interested.

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