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Best Cannondale Mountain Bikes to Buy in 2021


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Best Cannondale Mountain Bikes for Sale in 2021

A mountain bike is designed for mountainous terrains. There are various mountain bikes on the market, and one of them is Cannondale mountain bikes.

Who is Cannondale and Where are the Mountain Bikes Made?

The Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is the United States branch of the Canadian Dorel Industries with its headquarters in Wilton, Connecticut. The mountain bikes for Cannondale are made in China.

Are Cannondale Mountain Bikes a Good Brand?

Not only are the Cannondale mountain bicycles a good brand, but they are also considered one of the leaders in the industry. Bicycle Magazine gave the brand the Publisher’s Award for Innovation as well as the Editor’s Choice Award. Bike Magazine gave the brand the Best Technology Award, and VeloNews gave the brand the Technological Development of the Year Ward.

The mountain bikes are handcrafted and on the cutting edge. Top athletes regularly ride the bikes in competitions, such as the Tour de France.

Which Cannondale Mountain Bike is the Best?

The Cannondale model known as “Bad Habit” is one of the best mountain bikes you can own. It is considered one of the best because it embraces the latest trend – larger sized tires. The model has wider rims than the traditional “Habit” and it has tires that are three inches wide. The “plus-sized” tires give the rider more traction on dangerous terrain and, therefore, more control.

How Much are Cannondale Mountain Bikes?

When it comes to quality mountain bikes, you get what you pay for. Cannondale mountain bikes are high-end quality. Therefore, their price tag reflects that. For example, the Cannondale “Bad Habit” is approximately $2,660. Bikes such as the Jekyll Alloy and the Jekyll 27.5 will run even more at over $4,000 and $5,000 depending on where the bikes are purchased. A Cannondale Tango 5, however, can run under $1,000 depending on the manufacturer. They are not as cheap as mongoose mountain bikes, but they are higher quality.

How Do You Know What Cannondale Mountain Bike To Buy?

When you set out to purchase a mountain bike, you soon realize that there are many mountain bikes to choose from. So which Cannondale model should you buy?

There are four basic questions to ask yourself: 1) Where will you ride your bike? Will you ride it on roads, dirt, gravel or around the neighborhood? 2) What is your primary goal for your bike? Are you a casual rider? Do you want to ride for fitness? Do you plan to ride for competitions? Are you shredding? 3) What kind of terrain will you ride on? Will you be riding on hills? Or will your area be flat? 4) Who is the bike for? Is the bike for a man, a woman, a boy or a girl? All of these questions are important when it comes to mountain bikes.

After you’ve thought about these questions, you can decide what bike is right for you. Here are some examples:

Mountain Bikes for Trials

This is a great bike for beginners and for non-pros. If you’re simply interested in a high-quality mountain bike that is not intended for competition, a trail bike is a good choice. A Cannondale Trail 5, for example, is approximately $980.

Mountain Bikes for Cross-Country

This is a step-up from a trail bike. It’s good for speed and climbing, but not for heavy competition. The Cannondale F-Si Alloy 2 is approximately $1899.

Plus-Sized Mountain Bikes

The trend in mountain bikes is “plus-sized” tires. The traction with these tires is perfect for everything from muddy terrain to sand to snow. The Cannondale Bad Habit is approximately $2,660.

How Do You Size a Cannondale Mountain Bike?

The sizing of a mountain bike is extremely important. It must be the right size for your riding style, flexibility, and height. With the right sized bike, you can travel over any terrain or up a hill with confidence, and it is absolutely essential for competitions.

Mountain bikes some in sizes S, M or L. To best determine the size you should choose, it is best to purchase your bike from a reputable bike retailer who can help you get the appropriate size. Then, once you understand the size that’s right for you, you can safely order any further bikes online without the help of a bike professional.

Before you enter a bike store, have a sense of the kind of bike you’re looking for and why you want a mountain bike. Most likely, the dealer will have you take the bike on a test run, ideally over various surfaces. This is the best way to determine if the bike is the right fit. If the bike feels awkward in any way, it is not the right size for you.

The best way to purchase your first Cannondale Mountain Bike is from one of the reputable dealers of genuine Cannondale bikes. Search for a Cannondale dealer near you on the official site.





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