Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike

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Cyle Saddle Sores: How To Prevent Them

An uncomfortable bike saddle can turn cycling – especially when going on long-haul rides ...

The Best (and Biggest!) Trails in Canada

Nothing will bring you closer to a place than walking it. By walking, you notice things ...

Specialized: Great Company, Great Bikes.

My husband rides a Specialized Fuse Mountain bike.  The Fuse has a long reach, which when ...

A Reliable Hybrid Bike for Everyday Use: The Rocky Mountain Fusion

Here’s my very own Rocky Mountain Fusion.  It’s about a decade old now but it’s still ...

Best Hardtail Mountain Bike To Buy in 2021

Photo: triathalon II by Peter ShanksBest Hardtail Mountain Bikes in 2020The beautiful ...

30 Upgrades to Improve Mountain Bike Performance

As a mountain bike owner, you truly owe it to yourself to be sure that you are doing ...
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