Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike

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Cyle Saddle Sores: How To Prevent Them
An uncomfortable bike saddle can turn cycling – especially when going on long-haul rides - into a grim and painful experience.  If you find that you’re saddle sore it’s due to a number of factors: ...
The Best (and Biggest!) Trails in Canada
Nothing will bring you closer to a place than walking it. By walking, you notice things you would never have noticed before.  Longer walks and hikes brings the world back down to human scale and ...
Specialized: Great Company, Great Bikes.
My husband rides a Specialized Fuse Mountain bike.  The Fuse has a long reach, which when you’re 6’4” like him, it gives you even weight distribution and the wide-range, 1X drivetrains makes climbing ...
A Reliable Hybrid Bike for Everyday Use: The Rocky Mountain Fusion
Here’s my very own Rocky Mountain Fusion.  It’s about a decade old now but it’s still great on local trails and I’ve used it for years as a commuter bike. It’s light, responsive, and comfortable.  It ...
Best Hardtail Mountain Bike To Buy in 2021
Photo: triathalon II by Peter ShanksBest Hardtail Mountain Bikes in 2020The beautiful slopes and thrill-seeking environment can be soothing and something a person desires. Before heading “off road”, ...
30 Upgrades to Improve Mountain Bike Performance
As a mountain bike owner, you truly owe it to yourself to be sure that you are doing everything that you can to keep your bike up to great performance standards. This will make it safer and will ...
21 Simple Tips For Mountain Bike Beginners
Mountain biking is an awesome recreational activity for the young and the old. Mountain biking is both challenging and relaxing. This is what makes it the perfect sporting activity for people who ...
25 Signs That You Are A Mountain Bike Addict
You Just Might Be A Mountain Bike Addict If you like to ride your mountain bike regularly, you have probably listened to family and friends speak of your addiction. There are so many joys associated ...
The Buyers Guide For The 26” Versus The 27.5” Versus The 29” Mountain Bikes
If you have decided to upgrade your current mountain bike or you are a newbie to mountain biking, you may be confused by the variety of options available today. Over the last decade there has been ...
Best Affordable Mountain Bikes For the Beginners in 2021
Whether you’re a beginner or a pro mountain biker, finding the best affordable mountain bikes can be very tricky. You don’t really get to test drive your mountain bike like you test drive a car. You ...
Best Cannondale Mountain Bikes to Buy in 2021
  Photo: cannondale flash by sandro visintin Best Cannondale Mountain Bikes for Sale in 2021 A mountain bike is designed for mountainous terrains. There are various mountain bikes on the ...
Giant Mountain Bike Review in 2021 – Are They Good?
Giant is one the best known mountain biking brands in the world, and their bikes can be spotted every day on roads and trails across the world. Their story started in 1972 when King Liu together with ...
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