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The Best Biking Accessories You Must Have

Cycling is a lot of fun – It’s a perfect activity for people who just love being outdoors, offers a great cardio workout, and is straightforward to get into it!  Here, we will suggest some of the best biking accessories you MUST have to make your ride as enjoyable as possible!

Biking is definitely suitable for most newcomers to both outdoors and fitness. If you are a newcomer, remember to always do a warm-up that includes stretches to avoid aches and pains.  It will make your post-riding adventure more comfortable!

Be sure you have all of the vital biking clothes and accessories for a smoother and more secure biking experience. Here is a list of cycling necessities.

Top Biking Accessories You Must Have

  1. Cycling Jersey

When layering up meant for cold weather conditions its ideal to start with a close fitting thermal vest which will wick out moisture and also help you stay toasty by trapping air near to your body.

You can check this fantastic GIRO Men’s Cycling Jersey made of premium quality polyester material, making it durable, moisture-wicking, and comfortable for all-day long wearer. Moreover, its SPF 20+ features gives you protection against strong UV-rays, protecting your sensitive skin from sunburns, and making it ideal for road riding.

  1. Helmet

Biking head protection is very critical, particularly whenever you’re cycling inside the city or over rough trails. This gives you protection for your head in case of any kind of mishap.  Helmets are also required by law in several countries.

Typically, you’ll need to replace your bike helmet every five years since that’s as long as a typical bike helmet warranty lasts.

When picking your helmet, a proper fit is essential for both comfort and safety.  To fit a helmet properly,  use the “2-V-1” principle. First, make sure there is a 2-finger-widths distance from the bottom of the helmet to your brow. Next, make sure the V-shaped side straps fit under both your ears. Lastly, make sure you can get fit one finger between your chin and the chin strap. 

Helmets have become lighter and trendier over the years and now look sleek and modern, like this ABUS Urban Helmet.

This urban bike helmet comes with a number of practical features that makes it a popular choice for both women and men.  It’s designed to keep your head cool, thanks to its 12 air inlets and 5 air outlets.  Other features include reflectors for high visibility, a finely adjustable system for a perfect fit, and is even ponytail compatible!

Another very fun helmet company is Nutcase helmets.  They aspired to make helmets fun and into something you wanted to wear without being told you should and they did exactly that!! Want something to make you smile every time you put it on?  Then, Nutcase is for you.  And with free shipping, they make it easy to love your brain!

  1. Water Bottle

Cycling, while fun, is also a workout!  Especially on a hot day, you may experience fluid loss while you are out cycling, so you ought to keep drinking water in modest doses to avoid dehydration.  Try this MuddyFox water bottle and cage duo if you need both a water bottle and cage to attach it to your bike or just this Nalgene Ultralite Wide-Mouth water bottle if you only need the bottle.  

Another excellent option is to carry a hydration pack, which is a small backpack with a bladder you can fill with water or other liquid. There is a tube attached for easy drinking access.  Try the CamelBak M.U.L.E. pack.  It is light and maneuverable, so even when it’s fully loaded for a day of mountain biking, it won’t get in your way.

  1. Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves are a must if you are going to cycle in any season and Giro Men’s Monaco Ii Gel Cycling Gloves.  These gloves are designed for high-performance and high mileage.  They feature a vented leather palm and breathable construction combined with gel padding for exceptional pressure distribution, ventilation, and fit. The double-stitched seams make them durable for use over many seasons and frequent washings.

For a full-hand glove, try Terry Women’s Full Finger Light cycling glove.  This lightweight glove comes with nylon backing and terry cloth thumb panel to wipe away sweat.  It is ideal for mild riding temperatures, provides protection from harmful UV rays and includes a gel paddingto  help absorb shock from the road’s sudden bumps.  If you find your hands start slipping once you sweat, the silicone grip fingers in these gloves will help you hold on to your handlebar!

  1. Bike Shorts

A very important part of cycling gear you require is good biking shorts. Skin fitting shorts are recommended to negate skin chaffing and reduce wind resistance. You’ll discover compression tights that improve overall performance and reduce muscle soreness. Biking clothes needs to be extremely light weight and durable. Pick cycling clothes that suits your style as well as fits you well.

You can bring this fantastic GIRO Men’s Venture Cycling Shorts made of premium quality polyester and spandex material, making it soft, comfortable, and durable. Moreover, it’s equipped with belt buckles, hand pockets, and patch pockets, offering enough space to store your quick essentials.

A good choice for women is the Giro Women’s Chrono Sport Cycling Shorts.  Having a performance spandex short is an essential part of your riding wardrobe and this one is great!   The premium Italian Lycra in this cycling short provides compression to support working muscles, and the optimized foam of the chamois keeps you comfortable for hours on the saddle.

  1. Cycling Eyewear

Weather is changeable and the elements can be demanding. You need to protect your eyes against airborne dirt and dust, smoke, debris, and harmful UV rays.   You will need to safeguard your vision properly while cycling; you may want quality eyewear that will let you see clearly and safeguard your vision.

Eyewear is available in different styles and colorings, like this fantastic yet polarized Native Eyewear by Griz, making it a perfect addition to your cycling routine. These adventure-ready sunglasses feature N3 lenses that cut down on glare, deliver crisp definition and contrast, and provide excellent visibility and UV protection.  You’ll have the freedom to ride on sunny days weather without worrying about damaging your eyes!


With these above-mentioned cycling accessories, you can maximize the thrill and fun while riding your bike fearlessly! There are numerous products available online but some solid choices can be found at Eastern Mountain Sports or REI.  We hope you can get our and enjoy your ride!

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